Thursday, 23 February 2017

My name is Mrs. Nike. In the year 2013 while still doing my NYSC, I met my husband and his family insisted that I must get pregnant before he can marry me. Then I was 33 years old, we tried several times but no pregnancy took place. Prior to that time, I noticed that breast milk always came out of my breasts when pressed and whenever we had sex, the sperm would come back out.
          My menstruation was not regular also. A friend gave me the number of Dr. Adeosun Afolabi, I called him and explained the situation to him, he told me that I’m suffering from Hyperprolatinemia, but he said I should still go and do hormonal test and scan to rule out all possibilities for failure in case of any other problem.   
          I went for the scan and hormonal test, the scan showed that I have an infection in my reproductive tract and the hormonal test showed that I was suffering from PCOS and high prolactin. I contacted Dr. Adeosun and scanned the results to him. He then decided that what I needed was total fertility treatment involving womb cleansing, PCOS treatment, hyperprolatinemia treatment, sperm leakage treatment, anti-infection treatment, hormone balancing and fertility boosting. He put me through this total fertility treatment. He sent the package to me at once and it came with instructions on how to take the medicine stage by stage. I followed the instructions faithfully and then the breast milk stopped, the eda reduced and my menstruation became regular. On the third month, my menstruation did not come at all, I then called the doctor and told him, he told me not to panic that I should just continue with the treatment as instructed. I waited and was consistent with the treatment until the end of that month, then called again. This time around he told me to do the home urine test, I did it and it was positive, I told him and he said I should wait for like a month before going for a medical checkup. After a month I went for a scan and pregnancy was detected.
          Today, I am a proud mother of a baby girl. 

My name is S (name withheld), I was diagnosed with staphylococcus in the year 2014. Antibiotics were prescribed by my doctor but the symptoms persisted for almost a year later, I visited some herbal clinics and homes for treatment. I took several concoctions with no or temporary result. I was moving from doctor to doctor and herbal home to herbal home in Lagos searching for treatment until 2016 when I was surfing the net to see who I can consult online I came across a blog called, I read it, then I decided to give it a try. I called Dr. A.M Adeosun, he asked me to send my diagnostic report (recent) to his email. He checked it and when I called him, he explained the treatment program to me for staphylococcus. He sent the complete herbal medicine program to me, I started taking them for the first two weeks of starting the treatment, I experienced rapid improvement in my condition but, for the following weeks it became gradual. I persisted until I no longer feel the symptoms again, then I went for another test according to the instruction of the doctor. No staphylococcus was detected again and since that time I have not experienced any of its symptoms again. 

My name is B (name withheld). I got married in the year 2013, after 8 months of marriage my wife could not get pregnant. We decided that she should go and see a doctor. The doctor said that she should come back after a complete 12 months of marriage she went back and ultrasound scan was carried on her. A fluid was discovered in her womb, she went for another test that confirmed the fluid to be an infection. She started taking antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor. After completion of her treatment she went for another test but the infection still remained. Someone recommended Dr. A.M. Adeosun that he has high success rates of treating infertility cases in men and women. We contacted him, he did a month womb cleansing for my wife and said that she should go for another test first before he proceeds on doing anti-infection treatment for her. The infection was discovered to have gone after this worm cleansing. The doctor said if my wife could not get pregnant after his treatment that I too should go for sperm test.
After two months of no conception, I went for test and low sperm count was discovered. The doctor put me on herbal therapy for low sperm count for good three months, though, within the first week of starting the treatment I have been seeing result in my sperm, it became thicker and I started going five rounds per day instead of one round per week with body weakness throughout the day. Before the end of the treatment my wife started having feelings of pregnancy, we did urine test and it was positive my wife gave birth to a baby Boy in June 6, 2016.

My name is Miss D. (Name with-held). I start noticing my stomach protruding out and becoming hard. I was advised by a friend to go for a test. Fibroid was diagnosed and doctors recommended operation but I did not want to go that route. I decided to go herbal and someone directed me to Dr. A.M. Adeosun. The doctor did womb cleansing for me first, followed by fibroid treatment. After the treatment, he ordered for another test to know if the fibroid has shrunk totally or still remained. I did the test and discovered that it has totally shrunk.

My name is Mr. C (name with held) I married in the year 2014 but throughout the period my wife could not get pregnant. We went to see a gynecologist, who advised that we should both go for test. My sperm count was normal but fallopian tube blockage was diagnosed in my wife. Apart from that, my wife was having a worm-like movement within her stomach and in the midnight the movement used to make sound that I would also be hearing it. They called it an infection and prescribed several antibiotics for her to take. We were doing all kinds of treatments, moving from one Pastor to another, one alfa to another one doctor to another and one herbal practitioner to another, but no change was seen. They were saying different things, some called it anti-pregnancy worm, doctors call it infection and some said it is the work of the wicked ones.
We were like this when I came across Omobaba Alagunmu Oyan, Dr. A.M. Adeosun’s blog. We decided to try him. I called his number and told him everything. He told me that it was not the work of the wicked ones, that it comes as a result of infection both from microbes and worms (anti-pregnancy worm) and told me that I too should go for test. He sent the medicines for my wife, with that of womb cleansing first, she started taking the medicines and by the third day we started observing that the movement has stopped and there was no midnight sound again. The results were rapid. Then I too went for test and staphylococcus was reported in my diagnostic report. I called the doctor and he sent medicines for me and my wife to take to clear the staphylococcus. To God’s glory, my wife is now six months pregnant.

I’m Mrs F. (name with-held). I married in the year 2014 but before my marriage, my menses came at four-four month’s interval even since I started having menstruation it has always been like that and I told my husband before marriage, he said no problem. When I couldn’t get pregnant in that year and my menstruation ceased to come entirely, I went to see a doctor who gave me a prescription. I took everything that was recommended but no difference. The doctor then recommended hormonal test, which I went for. The report says I have hyperprolactinemia and anovulation. I was put on hormonal and ovulation treatments. Clomid was part of the drugs that I took but no difference. A colleague advised me to go and see Dr. A.M. Adeosun. I went to see him, he asked for medical reports and put me on womb cleansing. He said after the womb cleansing, he would put me on hyperprolactinemia and an ovulation treatment but after a month of womb cleansing, my menstruation started coming regularly. I started experiencing the signs of ovulation again and I’m now 3½ months pregnant.